Want Health, Fitness, and Fat Loss? You Can Achieve This – No Gym Required!


Do you think that to improve your health and fitness levels you have to join a gym? Do you still believe that you have to exercise for half and hour or an hour each time to actually get results? Well if you answer yes to either of these questions, then you will find that now is the time to make a change!

Research has shown us that you can improve your health, fitness and lose fat by working out at an intense level for just ten minutes a day.

I love this!

Why? Because I hate working out?? No, absolutely not! BUT…because we can look at ways to be fit and healthy without stressing about how we can fit in three sessions a week at the gym and still get everything else done. Or about how we can get to the gym when we have no one to watch the kids. OR.. The fact that you have no energy to go back out to the gym after a long day working.

The fact that exercising in bite sized chunks for just ten minutes a day, removes one of the main barriers to exercise of…lack of time! Let’s have a look at some of the other barriers we can squash here!

  • Barrier 1: The exercises you can use to get the full body working at an adequate intensity level do not need to be done in a gym… you can do it at home, in the garden, in the park.. no need to spend extra money.
  • Barrier 2: Lack of money. The equipment you use… is largely your own body, to start with, then you can use… water bottles (filled), rucksacks (containing books) anything you have around the house.. which again means no extra cash to be spent!
  • Barrier 3: Lack of motivation. You only have to work for ten minutes at a reasonably high intensity… So you don’t have to push yourself for an hour at a time.How many people are unable to maintain focus and keep themselves moving for just 10 minutes!

With this type of routine… you start to feel results fast.. because you are using your whole body to get moving… just a little bit at a time. You may not drop a dress size in the first week but you WILL start to feel your muscles fizzing with energy and your whole body and mental focus improve, really, quite quickly. Surely starting to feel the benefits of little bite sized chunks of time spent on your fitness and health will help to keep you motivated.

Over time you will start to feel the effects in your energy levels, body shape, mental focus and of course your fat loss.. but all of this of course has to be brought together with being mindful of what you eat… i.e keeping a good clean diet, free of toxins and additives and being aware of, and working towards clearing any negative thought patterns you have that prevent you from reaching your goals.

So…Bite sized chunks of exercise should be the way forward for all of us who are aiming to be healthier and fitter, without having to devote valuable work or family time to the cause!
Plus if you are really aiming to improve your lifestyle, get the whole family involved! Take your bite sized chunks in the garden, to the park, incorporate it as part of the dog walk. The key is to make it a lifestyle choice rather than a chore and you will reap the rewards of your efforts! Now is that motivating, or what?

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